Know which career is right for you

Know which career is right for you

These days, it is very difficult to chose on which career is right for you. Apart from the professional courses like Engineering and Medicine, there are other courses like arts, hotel management and so on. Although it is difficult to make a decision regarding careers early on in life, that is what we are all expected to do. So, it could be that sometimes you feel that the career you chose was not really the right decision. What do you do then?

These days, there are some considerate experts who have set up sites online that will explain in great detail everything there is to know about the different careers available to students from different fields. No matter what you are choosing to study, you will have adequate counselling so you can make an informed decision, and be sure of what you are doing.

First of all, there is a basis process to assess the interests of the student. This will give you an idea as to what fields you are willing to choose as a career. Then there are sixteen pre or post tests, all of which will give their results for print out and also will store these results in the data base, so teachers can access these results and take detailed report print outs.

The total number of careers available to students all over the world can be basically divided into sixteen segments, or clusters. For example, if your interests lie in farm products, vegetable and fruits or related fields, then there is a cluster called Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. Otherwise, if you are looking at restaurants or hotels, then there is a Hospitality and Tourism sector. If you like production, manufacturing processes and the like, then there is the Manufacturing Technologies sector. You can explore all sixteen clusters in detail, and then decide which seems most appropriate for your taste and temperament.

In case you are not the type to adhere to a cluster, and you are looking for counselling regarding a specific career, these sites have a section dedicated to individual careers as well. For example, there are farm managers, dairy farmers, forestry technicians, agricultural scientists, veterinarians and so on. All these careers have their own dynamics, and you can learn about the nuances and the hardships involved before committing yourself to any of them.

Apart from these clusters and career options, there are other skills that you need when you get a job. There are CDs with reading levels of different grades, as per your comfort. There are interactive and dynamic Power Points that students can use in order to get the skills that are necessary to find a job, and execute a job search successfully. There are tips on looking for a job, preparing a resume, the appearance in an interview and so on.

There are also some life skills like understanding credit loans, how to launch a checking account and the like, so you can be sure that you are well equipped to handle the different elements that a job comprises.

By Narayan