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The history of Nandos can be traced back hundreds of years to the time when Portuguese explorers set sail for the East in search of the legendary spice route. It was during this journey that they discovered the African Bird’s Eye Chilli, also known as PERi-PERi. Today, Nandos restaurants, their delicious sauces, and world-famous grocery range can be found across the globe.

PERi-PERi is the essence of Nandos, and its story is intertwined with the brand’s own tale. For centuries, the people of Southeast Africa have used PERi-PERi to add a fiery touch to their cuisine. Under Mozambique’s rich soil and intense sunshine, the African Bird’s Eye Chilli thrives. Portuguese explorers who arrived in Mozambique were captivated by the chilli’s flavor, and by adding a squeeze of lemon and a kick of garlic, they transformed PERi-PERi into a well-traveled spice that ultimately reached Rosettenville, Johannesburg.

In 1987, two friends shared a meal at a modest Portuguese eatery and tasted the irresistible PERi-PERi. They knew that this flavor had to be shared with the world. Nando’s was born from this experience, and the brand is now synonymous with its legendary flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken.

Visiting a Nando’s restaurant guarantees not only a taste of their renowned chicken but also a warm South African welcome and a friendly smile. Each restaurant boasts a unique design, with earthy textures and colors reflecting their Afro-Portuguese roots, as well as original South African art and distinctive design elements.

The vibrant atmosphere at Nando’s is enhanced by Afro-Luso beats and attentive service. Their secret ingredient, the flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken, sets the eating experience ablaze. Nando’s eagerly awaits the opportunity to share their delicious offerings with people around the world, because if there’s one thing they love as much as PERi-PERi, it’s the joy of sharing it with others. Nando’s also focuses on training their staff, known as Nandocas, in customer service, presentation, and creating a welcoming environment for all.

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