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Looking for careers and jobs in Centrepoint UAE ? Before you apply for the job vacancy, it is important for you to know the information about Centrepoint UAE. Bellow is the info of the company as well as the available job vacancies, we hope that this information will help and good luck on your career.

About Centrepoint UAE

Centrepoint, the area’s greatest family fashion retailer, observes the approaching World Family Day on May 15th by supporting families of the area to spend quality time with loved ones. The brand that’s enormously popular for its variety of fashion clothes, children-wear, accessories, cosmetic and home décor, is supporting its customers to observe the special moments with more than just presents. A study conducted by the brand demonstrates that over 48% of respondents asserted that they don’t get adequate time with their family and 87% of respondents said that spending time with family is what they looked forward to most on the weekends.
In now’s modern world, work is increasingly taking over our lives and we spend longer and longer hours in pursuit of our career goals. With more than 44% of participants in the study spending over nine hours at work, time with family becomes shorter, with adverse effects on our wellbeing. “Kids are frequently the most changed,” says Lucy Bruce, creator of Home Grown Kids’s Eco Nursery who has worked closely with Centrepoint to help raise awareness for the significance of family time. “As a mum of three, a business owner and creator of the Harmony House charity, it’s honest to say that I’ve had times when I’ve felt like I ‘ve bitten off more than I can chew. Understanding the significance of my job in my kids’s lives has made being present and spending quality time with my kids my chief priority. The favorable impact it’s had on my kids and myself is immeasurable.”

Studies have demonstrated that close bonds to family and having a powerful emotional support system have a major favorable impact on our health and wellbeing. Centrepoint’s CEO, Manu Jeswani, says, “When I was younger I frequently missed out on spending special moments with family because of work obligations. I ‘ve learnt from that and now my family is my priority and I make sure to spend quality time with my wife and kids on the weekends and on family vacations. Work is an important feature of life, but family comes first.” He further adds that, “Centrepoint is a family trend brand and we care about our customers; a bulk of which are married with kids. We desire to support them to cherish this period of life and prioritize their time towards their families.”

Centrepoint has teamed up with regional lifestyle and parenting influencers Lucy Bruce, Kaya Scott and Deanna Khalil, to share hints and guidance on spending quality time with family. The brand has teamed up with Ski Dubai and Ferrari World to take 12 blessed shoppers in Dubai and 10 blessed shoppers in Abu Dhabi in store on a Family Day Out with Centrepoint. Families shopping in store on 9th May between 5pm – 8pm will be picked to be part of this specific task. This year, Centrepoint shops will have particular cash desks dedicated to families shopping in store on World Family Day. Centrepoint is also supporting families to post selfies of themselves spending quality time together using #GiftYourTime in sequence to win gift cards from the brand.

Top hints from Lucy Bruce on spending quality time with kids:

1. Keep devices out of reach
Place your mobile away or on charge while you’re spending time with your family. Make certain they have your complete focus and you’ll see your kids are less irritable and attention seeking.
2. Be prepared to make a wreck and approve this will occur
Do’t rule out actions merely because they may take more time or demand more cleaning after. Appreciate the minutes you have with your family and think of fun and creative methods to keep your kids engaged. The memories you make will be more that worth the time and effort spent.
3. Let your kids take the lead and go with the flow
When kids take the lead on actions, they obtain and learn a whole lot more. This may also assist you to connect better with them and get more insight on how they believe and approach life.
4. Speak more about today and less about tomorrow
Concentrate on learning in the instant and creating chances to obtain from the present action rather than focusing on what’s coming up tomorrow and putting pressure on the future. Ensure that you breathe and appreciate as soon as you’re in.
5. Make time for kindness and compassion
Do’t be fast to judge and lead by example instead. Take the time to clarify why your kid’s activities are wrong and inquire to tell me you how they are able to make things right. Revisit the scenario and talk about what they could have done otherwise and constantly have them know that you simply adore them, even when they’ve acted up.


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