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Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) Careers and Job Vacancies

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About Zakum Development Company (ZADCO)

The development of the Upper Zakum reservoir is considered as one of many important technical accomplishments in Abu Dhabi. As a consequence to ZADCO’s constant efforts exerted during the early years, the first cargo of Upper Zakum crude oil was exported on the tanker “Al Ain” on 24th May 1983 indicating an important accomplishment in the company’s improvement. In April 1988, ADNOC determined to unify the operations of Umm Al Dalkh Development Company (UDECO), which was created in 1978, with ZADCO’s operations in order to rationalize operations, prevent duplication of functions and reduce price. ZADCO Management has taken important steps in this regard, which resulted in the physical amalgamation of both businesses. In May 2000, a brand new construction for ZADCO based on Operation Driven Organization was attained. An Assets-established-Organization which has in many places altered the manners business was run for more than two decades, redefined precedence, removed unnecessary hierarchy and introduced liability for fulfilling objectives.

Under the new organization, three Business Units were created, specifically, Upper Zakum, Satah & Umm Al-Dalkh and Zirku, along with two other Support Units, Technical & Functional Resources and General Support Services that provide back up to the three Business Units. ZADCO as a Performance Driven Organization with the resources and complete dedication of its workers will continue to fulfill its future challenges with greater success.

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