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Lever10 Inc Company Profile

Lever10 is a company founded on the belief that the scientific method can significantly enhance the efficiency of B2B enterprises. Over twenty years ago, its founders recognized that while consumer businesses (B2C) had greatly benefited from in-depth numeric analysis, B2B enterprises were not as fortunate. B2B companies often lacked two key advantages: access to large-scale data and a physical location for daily experimentation and measurement.

To bridge this gap, Lever10 combines advanced mathematics with marketing domain expertise, providing valuable insights and optimization models for B2B business campaigns that drive sales. As big-data methods and automated marketing systems have emerged, Lever10 has developed marketing domain-specific tools and techniques for manipulating and mining large datasets to reveal patterns and profiles.

The company’s unique blend of statistical models, non-statistical pattern identification, and innovative data visualization systems delivers an unparalleled return on investment. By offering more business insight per dollar than any other known analytics approach, Lever10 has become a go-to partner for leading consultancies requiring data and marketing science services. These consultancies choose Lever10 for its expertise, mathematicians, and IT professionals who can execute smaller, yet strategically important studies.

Today, Lever10 assists B2B companies in optimizing and enhancing their business campaigns through three primary services: ROMI analytics, expert marketing operations, and end-to-end cloud architectures for business systems. Its team of global experts has established the company as an innovative leader in the science-based and mathematics-based B2B sector.

Lever10 Inc. is proudly recognized as a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) in the United States of America.

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