People of nations exempt from pre-entry visa to pay for renewal

People of countries exempt from UAE pre-entry visas will now have to pay for to renew their visas, based on a new visa fee framework that took effect from August 1 2015.

Under the brand new system, citizens of 45 countries, including 28 EU countries, Australia, Canada and also the United States, will get a 30-day see visa free from fee, but its renewal for one more month will cost Dh600.

An extension for the visa will entitle visitors to stay in the united states for as much as 90 days from the entry date.

The visa renewal cost will be waived within the event visitors have been invited by UAE ministries, federal or local departments.

The new measures include study, medical treatment and business visas also a visa for individuals sharing a border with all the UAE, such as those living in Buraimi and have business in Al Ain and people who have landed within the UAE in a state of urgency such as for example a flawed aircraft or medical emergency, said Brigadier Rashid Sultan Al Khadr, Director of Legal Affairs during the Ministry of Interior.

A fresh visa cost and fine structure also includes a Dh5,000 refundable deposit collected for cancelling a sponsor’s residence visa without cancelling the visas of the sponsored family users.

The deposit will likely be refunded when the sponsor adjusts their status.

A Dh3,000 refundable deposit will be collected for sponsorship of each and every family user for a lady investor, while a Dh5,000 refundable deposit will be collected for humanitarian cases determined by the Minister for the Interior.

The new Cabinet decision sets up a fund for the deportation of violators of the residency rules. Resources for the fund will come from deposits encashed after candidates fail to honour their obligations underneath the law.

A Dh100 fine will be imposed on users of residency department portals who fail to fill out applications accurately, in line with the new rules.

Individual applicants who neglect to honour any declaration or affidavit will be fined Dh500, whilst in the case of a corporate applicant the fine will be Dh2,000.

Companies that fail to modify the legal status of their sponsored workers on time will be fined Dh1,000 for each worker, while failure to report any improvement in the company’s details to the ministry will definitely cost Dh1,000.

A Dh5,000 fine is going to be imposed on those who misuse the residency system or submit bogus reports to the residency departments across the country.

Repeat offenders within a year will have their fines doubled, not exceeding Dh50,000.