Just How Much Uae Visa Will Cost After Increase

Just how much UAE visa will cost after increase

Effective on Friday, the employment visa for a member of staff sponsored by governmental bodies will definitely cost Dh200 per year, while the visa fee for workers employed by the private sector or free zones are going to be Dh250 per year.

A brand new visa cost structure signed by Lieutenant General Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, states that the residence visa for an investor or partner will cost Dh250 per year.

The residence visa for a family member of a member of staff employed by governmental bodies will cost Dh200 per year, whilst the fee for workers employed by private businesses and free areas in addition to investors and partners of companies are going to be Dh250.

Renewal of the residence visa will surely cost Dh200 per year for a family member of a worker employed by governmental bodies, private sector or free zones, while the renewal fee for investors and partners is going to be Dh250 each year.

The entry permit or its renewal for domestic workers sponsored by Emiratis or citizens of GCC countries will cost Dh150 per 12 months, while the charge for workers sponsored by foreigners will be Dh200. The visa for a domestic helper sponsored by an investor or somebody will cost Dh250.

The brand new measures will include the issuing of a brand new array of entry permits and visas, such as multiple entry allows for visit or work; the activation of study visas, and entry permits for health care and attending conferences.

A multiple tourist entry license will cost Dh200, while multiple entry visa for work will surely cost Dh2,100.

A visit visa for residents in GCC nations will cost Dh200, while its renewal will surely cost Dh700.

An entry permit for study or training will cost Dh550, while its renewal will price Dh600.

An entry permit for medical treatment will cost Dh550, while a multiple entry visa for therapy will cost Dh1,400. Similar fees will be applicable to patients’ companions.

The renewal of a visa for treatment will definitely cost Dh500, while the charge for the companions will be Dh600.

The transit visa issued to travellers transiting through UAE airports for 96 hours and sponsored by an airline working in the united states, will price Dh100.

A Dh5,000 refundable deposit is going to be collected for cancelling a sponsor’s residence visa without cancelling the visas of this sponsored family users, based on the decision finalized by their Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

The deposit will likely be refunded as soon as the sponsor adjusts their status.

A Dh3,000 refundable deposit will be collected for sponsorship of each family user for a female investor, while a Dh5,000 refundable deposit is going to be collected for humanitarian cases determined by the Minister of this Interior.

The brand new Cabinet decision sets up a fund for the deportation of violators of the residency rules. Resources for the fund will come from deposits encashed after candidates fail to honour their responsibilities under the law.

A Dh100 fine will be imposed on users of residency department portals who fail to fill out applications accurately, according towards the brand new rules.

Specific applicants who fail to honour any declaration or affidavit will likely be fined Dh500, within the instance of a corporate applicant the fine will be Dh2,000.

Companies that neglect to adjust the legal status of the sponsored employees on time will be fined Dh1,000 for each worker, while failure to report any modification in the company’s details to the ministry will surely cost Dh1,000.

A Dh5,000 fine will be imposed on those who misuse the residency system or submit bogus reports to the residency departments across the country.

Perform offenders within per year will have their fines doubled, not exceeding Dh50,000.

Fast list: kinds of visas and fees

Employment Visa (Government): Dh200

Employment Visa (Private Sector, Free Zones, Investors): Dh250

Residence Visa (Government) Dh200

Residence Visa (Private Sector, Free Zones, Investors): Dh250

Employment Visa (Domestic employees sponsored by Emiratis, GCC residents): Dh150

Employment Visa (Domestic workers sponsored by residents): Dh200

Employment Visa (Domestic employees sponsored by investors): Dh250

Residence Visa for real estate owners: Dh1,100

Multiple Entry Visa for work: Dh2,100

Visa for medical treatment: Dh550

Multiple Entry Visa for treatment: Dh1,400

Residence Visa for study or training: Dh550

Multiple Entry Visa for work or tourism: Dh1,500

Entry Visa for GCC State Resident’s Companions: 150

Renewal of GCC State Residents Companions’ Visa: 250

Entry Visa for GCC State Residents: Dh200

Renewal of GCC State Resident’s Visa:Dh700

Transit Entry Visa: 100



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