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2020 Related Job Vacancies for "Underground Transmission Cableman Cable Splicer Jointer" in Dubai and in UAE

Civil Inspector

Company: Parsons
Job Details: Performs surveillance of underground piping to ensure tightness, bedding, and grade. Ready to put your inspection skills to work with departments and teams that…

Site Mechanical Engineer (Buildings)

Company: Stantec
Job Details: Preparing the relevant documents to Conduct Testing inspection such as Duct light testing for Ducts and Hydro test for Above ground and Underground chilled…

Onshore Civil Engineer

Company: KBR
Job Details: Responsible for study, design, specification and services of transportation systems (road, rail, airport, seaport), bridges, infrastructure, drainage,…

Electrical Design Engineer

Company: Parsons
Job Details: Specialized in lighting and electrical works associated with road tunnels and underground parking structures. Well versed with electrical design software AMTECH…

Design Manager - Infrastructure

Company: Hill International, Inc
Job Details: Hill International is an international construction-consulting firm that provides program and project management, construction management, cost engineering and…


Company: SOS HR
Job Details: Carries out quality control check of paint coating, underground piping, external coating and thermal insulation work. Good spoken and written English.

HV Technician

Company: Sisco Jobs
Job Details: Install, set up and maintain underground and surface substations and pump stations. Set up and maintain all other electrical systems.

Electrical & Data Technician

Company: Black Pearl Consult
Job Details: Have experience in installation of underground conduits. Our Client, a government training institution based in Abu Dhabi is currently looking for a fully…


Company: SOS HR
Job Details: Carries out Cathodic Protection system monitoring for underground pipelines, metallic/concrete structures including jetty piles and troubleshooting.

Civil Works Engineer

Company: Profile Middle East
Job Details: Prepares design specifications for reinforced concrete, buildings, earthworks, roads and underground networks, piling works and soil improvement.

Senior Civil / Structural Engineer

Company: NES Global Talent
Job Details: Must be conversant with analysis and design of underground structures. Senior Civil & Structural Engineer - Desalination.

Gold Mines Consultant

Company: Capital Tap Management Consultancies
Job Details: _To ensure that underground resources such as metals/ minerals are extracted safely and efficiently. To assess the feasibility and the potential for commercial…

Land Surveyor

Company: EMC Electromechanical Co LLC
Job Details: § Deal with surveyor for checking the level of underground pipes and records same. To be in charge of complete site land surveying designated project.


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