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2020 Related Job Vacancies for "Swing Machine Operator Job In Dubai From Nepal" in Dubai and in UAE

Allied Power International

Company: Allied Power
Job Details: In awkward positions, swing various weights of sledge hammers, stoop and bend to reach valves, pull on chain-falls or come-a-longs.

Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (OCN)

Company: Vectrus
Job Details: This consists of days, swings and midnight-shifts. Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (OCN) (PEN001851). Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (OCN).

Field Service Engineer

Company: Thales Group
Job Details: In most cases, work schedules are bid and worked by seniority, operational requirements permitting (days, swings, or midnight shift;

Fire Crew Chief (OCN)

Company: Vectrus
Job Details: Rotating on days, swings and midnight shifts Must be physically fit to perform all duties. Fire Crew Chief (OCN) (PEN001787). Including, but not limited to:

Industrial Electrician

Company: Luxury Tran
Job Details: Swing motor setting and connections. Industrial Electrician wanted in Sharjah. The selected applicant must be of a male gender.

Gate Automation Repairs Technicians – UAE

Company: Royal Star Manpower Recruitment Placement Consultancy
Job Details: Technicians with at least 1 year of relevant work experience in gate automation system (Automatic sliding glass door, sliding gate, swing gate, traffic pole…

JAVA / J2EE - Programmer / Analyst

Company: ToonMedia
Job Details: Must have an expertise in the following skills - CORE (BASIC) JAVA, SWING, J2EE, EJB, JSP, and JMS & STRUTS. Technical capability is very important and be able…

Android/IOS software engineer

Job Details: Development experience with programming languages Kotlin, Java, Swing. Develop quality software and web applications. Design highly scalable, testable code.

Industrial Electrician (Public Service Company)

Company: AYCA Global Services
Job Details: Swing motor setting and connections. Looking to hire experienced Industrial Electricians for a Public Service Company. # Should have hands- on experience in –.


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