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Company: UNSM Ship Management
Job Details: Monitoring the safety and pollution prevention aspects of each vessel in the fleet. The position is the company’s Designated Person.

Environmental Manager

Company: Acciona
Job Details: ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño is looking for an Environmental Manager for an international project in Dubai. Implementing environmental policies and practices.

Master- Landing Craft

Company: Khalid Faraj Shipping
Job Details: Contact the Marine superintendent at any time for advice or support if in doubt concerning any matter related to safety and pollution prevention management on…

Facilities Coordinator

Company: Mace
Job Details: Reporting immediately to line management if they sustain an injury or become ill whilst at work, or where they are directly involved in or witness any serious…

Port Engineer - P2

Company: Topaz Energy and Marine
Job Details: Provide a link between Fleet Superintendent and ship-based management concerning safety and pollution prevention. Direct Reporting Line - Country Manager.

Required Laboratory Technician

Company: New EJobs
Job Details: Undertake Oil dispersant quality determination for pollution control. Undertake Ship ballast water oil content determination for environment pollution control.

Safety Engineer

Company: Dar SSH International Engineering Consultants Company WLL
Job Details: €¢ Control Environmental aspects including Pollution, Contamination, Community Health and Welfare. SSH are looking for talented Safety Engineer's to join our…

Commercial Manager

Company: Arcadis
Job Details: Our people work collaboratively to create value through built and natural assets that work in harmony with their surroundings – from shopping centers in…

Designated Person Ashore (DPA)

Company: Fuschia Careers
Job Details: Also, the job holder will be accountable for monitoring the safety and pollution prevention aspects of the operation of each ship and ensuring that adequate…

Captain SDPO (Senior Dynamic Positioning Officer)

Company: Fuschia Careers
Job Details: Ensuring the emergency preparedness of the entire crew and passengers including pollution prevention readiness. Reporting of incidents, and non-conformities.

2nd Engineer

Company: Fuschia Careers
Job Details: Person in-charge of Pollution prevention equipment onboard like OWS, Seawage plant, incinerator etc. This role requires diverse experience in the Marine…


Company: Fuschia Careers
Job Details: Carries out duties related to salvage of ships and craft, search & rescue operation, fire fighting and oil pollution combating, surveillance and patrolling of…

Health & Safety Officer

Company: ECG AE
Job Details: Directs and participates in studies of industrial health, noise, and/or pollution control problems in various locations.

Master (Oil Tanker)

Company: Fuschia Careers
Job Details: Makes decisions with respect to safety and pollution prevention and to request assistance from the appropriate source. Enters all drills in appropriate logs.

Dermatologist Specialist

Company: مركز العناية الملكية الطبي ROYAL CARE MADICEL CENTER
Job Details: The skin and hair suffer from a lot of problems, especially due to the pollution in the air, and there a number of diseases of the skin that can even be life…


Company: SOS HR
Job Details: Exercising such caution as is necessary to avoid danger to persons and installations or to avoid pollution. Field Senior HVAC Technician (Offshore).

3rd Engineer - Pipe Lay Vessel

Company: Fuschia Careers
Job Details: Person in-charge of Pollution prevention equipment onboard like OWS, Seawage plant, incinerator etc. Marine 3rd Engineers having 3 years of experience in…


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