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2020 Related Job Vacancies for "Home Grown Nursery Safa Careers" in Dubai and in UAE

KG Class Teacher (Early Years)

Company: Dar Al Marefa Private School
Job Details: A tax-free salary, residence visa, private medical insurance, an annual flight allowance home and tuition fee concessions. Ideally within an IB school;

Store Associate

Company: Home Box UAE
Job Details: Sales associate will be responsible for maximizing sales through exceptional customer service. The job holder will also be responsible for maintaining the…

Teaching Assistant

Company: Falcon British Nursery School
Job Details: Ensuring the children go home with a clean face and clean clothes. Supporting the feeding of children in the class and checking the children are sent home with…

Coordinator, Home Healthcare

Company: Fakeeh University Hospital


Company: galvineducation
Job Details: Annual flights to home country. We have vacancies in our client schools in the UAE across a number of subject areas. Head of Secondary- US Curriculum.

Social Worker

Company: American School of Creative Science
Job Details: Provides psycho-social assessment and diagnosis of behavioral disabilities with recommendations and/or environmental manipulations at the school, home and/or in…


Company: Business Link UAE
Job Details: Health insurance, Ticket to home country,. Looking for an experienced Receptionist in UAE. Only Female candidates need to apply.

Technician Engineer (Full Home Automation)

Company: iModule Global Integration
Job Details: Technician Engineer (Full Home Automation). Customized window treatment installer needed. You will be working regularly with lead Technicians and Project…

Male Receptionist

Company: Millennium Hotels
Job Details: It is intended to make guests perfectly at home in a leisurely set up rooms, offer high-speed internet, satellite TV & minibars (alcohol free), plus tea &…

Pet Taxi Drivers

Company: My Second Home Dubai
Job Details: When it comes to getting family pets safely from home to the resort and then back again - it demands an organised mind and soothing touch.

Training Contract - Middle East

Company: Clifford Chance LLP
Job Details: 10 Upper Bank Street, London (one year) and one year in Dubai or Abu Dhabi office. £48,000/AED 300,000 (first year) and £54,000 / AED 330,000 (second year).


Company: Hilton Hotels & Resorts
Job Details: A Hostess is responsible for make the guest feel at home by extending a warm welcome, assisting the guests to sit and later give them a warm send off.

Dog Handlers

Company: My Second Home Dubai
Job Details: As a member of the handling team you will be responsible for the safety, welfare and engagement of My Second Home guests while they are playing together.

Call Center Agent – Female

Company: Business Link UAE
Job Details: Health insurance, Ticket to the home country,. We are looking for an experienced and talented Call Center Agent for our firm.

Dog Groomers and Assistant Groomers

Company: My Second Home Dubai
Job Details: Dog Groomers and Assistant Groomers. Our Grooming team are at the sharp end of the business - literally! They have experience with all breeds and offer services…

Year 6 English

Company: GEMS Education
Job Details: Applicants will be required to submit a current police criminal clearance check or equivalent from their home country and current country of residence prior to…

Admissions Officer

Company: Zayed University
Job Details: The Admissions & Registration Department seeks an incumbent for the position of Admissions Officer to effectively organize and deliver a range of high-quality…

Room Cleaner

Company: Marriott International, Inc
Job Details: Followed by that sigh of relief because they’ve arrived to their home away from home, be it for a night or a week, and it’s perfect. Posting Date Aug 05, 2020.


Company: Millennium Hotels
Job Details: The Atria has a characteristic personality and flair with a key focus on simplicity, functionality and urban elegance paired with the latest smart home…


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