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2020 Related Job Vacancies for "Flexible Cables Mail" in Dubai and in UAE


Company: Falcon Aviation
Job Details: We are currently seeking to hire First Officer B412 who will report directly to the Offshore Chief Pilot- Rotary Wing. Valid ATPL (GCAA / EASA / ICAO).

Cargo Helper

Company: Sahil Consults
Job Details: Must be flexible and able to work in shifts. Looking for a Cargo Helper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Must be energetic and able to lift heavy items.

Drivers for Petrol Stations (C-Stores)

Company: i General Trading
Job Details: Flexible in working extra hours. 3-4 years’ experience in coverage of Petrol stations. Good relationship with Petrol Stations’ Manager.

Personal Assistant

Company: Precision Homes
Job Details: Must be highly flexible in nature. Looking for a Personal Assistant in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Keep up records of manager’s contacts.

Light Vehicle Driver

Company: Dash Car Hire
Job Details: Willing to work a flexible schedule. Candidates of any nationality can apply. Should be ready to join immediately. United Arab Emirates experience is needed.

School Bus Attendant

Company: Tara Consults
Job Details: Must be flexible in terms of working hours. Looking for a School Bus Attendant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Maintain cleanness in the bus.


Company: shefako
Job Details: Demonstrate sound work ethics, Well presentable, be honest and trustworthy, be flexible, and possess cultural awareness, Ability to work independently and also…

Brand Director

Company: The Global Search Company
Job Details: Must be versatile and flexible in order to follow trends worldwide. Our client is a retailer based in the Middle-East, and they are currently seeking a Brand…

Flexible Graphic Designer

Company: Pink Neon Advertising
Job Details: This is the ideal opportunity for somebody looking to get back to work after a break who has a design background. Excellent communication and writing skills.

Data Entry Assistant

Company: Al-Futtaim
Job Details: Flexible to work over night shift, for female day shift only. No two days are the same at Al-Futtaim, no matter what role you have. Ability to work in a team.


Company: i General Trading
Job Details: Flexible in working extra hours. To support the Driver and be part of the team. Able to load/unload stock from fleet.


Company: Careers International
Job Details: Must be friendly and flexible. Welcoming customers as they reach the counter. To receive food checks from waiters or customers.

Officer, Social Media

Company: Daman
Job Details: Flexible in work hours and able to work under pressure. Supports in setting the strategy for the company's use of social media as a communication tool to…

Office Assistant

Company: Talent Recruit UAE
Job Details: Flexible with the ability to jungle multiple tasks. Should an excellent phone etiquette. 1 to 2 years experience. Responsible for handling the manager’s daily.

Counter Sales Staff

Company: Splash Trading
Job Details: Flexible with the ability to work shifts and extended hours. Excellent mathematical and cash handling skills. Ability to communicate effectively with customers.

HR Officer Trainee

Company: Tiger Group
Job Details: Strong communication skills, • Fluent in English, • Ability to learn and improve, • Flexible and accept changes, • Team work, • Good knowledge in using computer…

Online Tutor

Company: NSI & Bluefin Talent
Job Details: TutorNinjas is recruiting qualified students, professionals, new or former educators passionate about teaching and sharing their knowledge and keen to tutor in…

School Bus Attendant

Company: Brano Technical
Job Details: Ability to work a flexible time schedule. Should be helpful with good interpersonal skills. Experience as a Bus Attendant is also needed.

Positions Required for Royal Palace

Company: Multichoice
Job Details: Must be flexible to work on shift basis ( Day/Night) - Benefits ++. 12 Hours per day / 6 Days a week. Must be willing to Travel.


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  • Newspaper Carrier Job NEWSPAPER CARRIER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Delivers and sells newspapers to subscribers along prescribed route and collects money periodically: Purchases newspapers at wholesale price for resale to subscriber at retail rate. 2. Walks or rides bicycle to deliver newspapers to subscribers. 3. Keeps records ...
  • Jointer Operator Job JOINTER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates jointer machine to reduce flat furniture woodstock to specified width or to plane, square, smooth, rabbet, or otherwise shape edges of stock so that stock might be joined tightly: Selects and installs knives in ...
  • Preparation-room Worker Job PREPARATION-ROOM WORKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Prepares asbestos, cotton, and synthetic fibers for use in manufacture of asbestos products, performing any combination of following duties: Assembles asbestos, cotton, and synthetic fibers, according to instructions, into lots for blending. 2. Feeds fibers into hopper or ...
  • Tufting-machine Operator Job TUFTING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends multiple-needle machine that tufts material to be used for articles, such as rugs, robes, and bedspreads: Requests CREELER to change yarn styles in creel or mounts supply packages on spindles and pieces up ends to leaders in ...
  • Bolter Job BOLTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends circular saw that cuts slabs, edgings, and short logs into pieces suitable for making sawmill byproducts, such as shingles, shakes and laths, or for fuel: Starts conveyor that moves slab, edging, or short log into cutting position against ...
  • Pipe-wrapping-machine Operator Job PIPE-WRAPPING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates pipe-wrapping machine to coat pipelines with asphalt or other corrosion-resisting compounds and wrap them spirally with fabrics, such as glass cloth and felt paper, to form protective coating that prevents electrolytic decomposition of oil and gas pipelines: ...

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