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2019 Related Job Vacancies for "Duties Of A Nurse General In Uae" in Dubai and in UAE

Admin Officer – Operations

Company: flydubai
Job Details: Duty travel arrangement / support for Operations staff; D. Assisting GCAA Inspectors with duty travel and hotel bookings/ ID card Issuance for GCAA personnel.

Receptionist / Secretary

Company: BrainWorks UAE
Job Details: Selected applicants should be able to perform other clerical receptionist duties such as filling ,photocopying ,transcribing and faxing.

Internship Program

Company: Expo 2020
Job Details: Undertake any other duties as assigned by the manager/HOD. The Expo 2020 Internship Program is part of the Emiratization Strategy and to qualify for it, the…


Company: Julphar
Job Details: Manages and distributes personnel duties to fulfill the plan. The Officer will adhere with the cGMP principles and to maintain them in an effective manner and…

Data Analyst Associate

Company: KPMG
Job Details: We are looking for a Data Analyst with a huge passion for data & analytics. The successful candidate will play an important role in integrating technology with…

Branch Sales Officer

Company: Rakbank
Job Details: Performs any other duties or tasks as required or instructed by the line manager to support the smooth operation of the branch.

Customer Care Specialist

Company: Mandilak
Job Details: Performs other duties as assigned. Responsible for daily customer inquiries from internal and external customers to completion.


Company: National Oilwell Varco
Job Details: Provide general administrative and clerical support and other duties as assigned. Receive/attend, screen and forward incoming calls to the right persons.

Receptionist / Admin Assistant

Company: Modular Concepts
Job Details: Perform other clerical receptionist duties such as filing, photocopying, transcribing and faxing. Greet and welcome guests as soon as they arrive at the office.

School Secretary

Company: GEMS Education
Job Details: Acts as an ambassador to the School and performs in an efficient, professional, and confidential manner in all jobs and duties.

Party Hosts

Company: Magnolia Middle East
Job Details: Has duty of setting up and hosting birthday parties and leads activities for children. Party Hosts vacancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Company: Al Zahra Private Hospital
Job Details: Effective management of appointments & walk-ins. Follow up of those patients who fail to attend after making an appointment.


Job Details: Guide customers to the Supervisor or Site manager on duty if they approach him directly. Under the general supervision of the Technical Supervisor, the…

Business Process Improvement Consultant

Company: Merit Consulting
Job Details: The consultant will be responsible for supporting clients in optimizing its processes to achieve more efficient and effective results.

School Receptionist

Company: Dubai Schools
Job Details: Looking for School Receptionist in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Document expenses and hand in reports. Answer phone calls and redirect them when necessary…

Operation Manager

Company: American University in Dubai
Job Details: Demonstrated ability and experience in prioritizing responsibilities, duties and projects; Operations Manager of MBRSC Studio and Editing Facility.

Office Assistant

Company: Petrochem Middle East
Job Details: The duties will include but not be limited to: Over look complete house keeping and day to day administration duties - Manage other ad hoc and miscellaneous…

ESL Instructor Learning and Development Academy

Company: Jumeira University
Job Details: Administrative duties which include maintaining relevant course and assessment files. 20 hours of weekly instruction. Teaching experience no less than 2 years.


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