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2019 Related Job Vacancies for "Chicken Butcher Cv For Job In Company" in Dubai and in UAE

Junior Chef

Company: Emir Consults
Job Details: Assist in preparing salads, steak and chicken platters. Looking for Junior Chef in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Prepare food following the specifications.

Junior Chef

Job Details: Junior Chef to run and manage a Kitchen serving: The candidate should have the: Ability to create dressings and sauces. Apply Instructions for this Job.

Sales Representative

Company: MHP Food Trading llc
Job Details: Sales experience in FMCG, Food Service, (Restaurants, Caterings, Processing Plants, Hotel, Kitchen) , preference will be given those who have frozen chicken…

Cashier/Customer Service- 04 staff

Company: Chicken Express Restaurant
Job Details: Receive payment by cash, check, credit cards, vouchers, or automatic debits. Issue receipts, refunds, credits, or change due to customers.

Receiving Clerk

Company: Holiday Inn Express Dubai Hotels Group
Job Details: These include ribs of beef, stirloins, veal racks, veal legs, lamb racks, lamb legs, ham and chickens. Receives all food and beverage merchandise.


Company: Royal Grand Hypermarket LLC
Job Details: 1, 3-5 years Experience in Butchery Section (Mutton, Beef, Chicken etc) in Supermarket, Hyper Market or Butchery Shops. High school or equivalent (Required).

Van salesman for Frozen items

Company: Classio Master General Trading
Job Details: Chicken, French fries, burger items and etc. You should have restaurant and wholesale customers for frozen items such as: Van salesman in frozen items:

Cash Van Saleman

Company: Colony Foods
Job Details: Looking for Cash Van Salesman Especially in Fresh Chicken Sales should have minimum 02 years experience in agency sales for Dubai & Shariah.

Frozen Items Sales Agent

Company: Classio Master General Trading LLC
Job Details: Well experience in selling of various products such as chicken, french fries, and burger items. Ideal applicants should have an intensive selling experience in…

Waiter / Waitress

Company: Famous Dave's & Sugar Factory
Job Details: Galito’s, South African flame-grilled chicken concept; Remove dishes and glasses from the tables for cleaning. Greeting customers at the door.

Waiter / Waitress

Company: Famous Dave's & Galito's
Job Details: Galito’s, South African flame-grilled chicken concept; Remove dishes and glasses from the tables for cleaning. Greeting customers at the door.

Graphic Designer (Part Time)

Company: Tablez Food Company LLC
Job Details: Galito’s, South African flame-grilled chicken concept; Create, maintain and continuously evolve a selection of branded communications for each business to be…

Fast Food Chef (male)

Company: Xtreme Legends Internet Cafe
Job Details: Looking for someone to work full time in Abu Dhabi - Mohmmed Bin Zayed City as a chef. The full package is between AED 3000 - AED 3200 based on experience and…

Live-in Male Cook

Company: SV
Job Details: Preferably Indian below 40 years old. Ability to follow recipes and has presentation skills. Cooking local Indian,Iranian, Mediterranean and other international…

Arabic Chef chawarma,machawi

Company: Al ashhal foods
Job Details: Please chawarma chicken and meat to work in Oman. Arabic Chef chawarma w machawi in sohar Oman. Accomodation provided send CV to maltaDothiringAtgmail.com.


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