Dubai And Uae System Administrator Job Salary 2019

Dubai and UAE System Administrator Job Salary

Some job seekers are looking for information like "how much is the monthly average salary of an System Administrator Job in Dubai and UAE", if you're one of them that searches for those information then this article is for you.

The average monthly salary of an System Administrator in Dubai and UAE is between 9,000 to 18,000 AED. Job salary is depend on the qualifications of the applicant, company's financial status and the job responsibilities.

Most of the job seekers in dubai are aiming for a high salary and often they forgot to consider the factors that might affect their lives. Before signing a contract if get hired for a job, try to consider also the cost of living on that area which includes food, transportation and accommodation. It is good also to check or know the company's working environment before joining with them as some company pay their employees very late. Be smart on choosing a job that is right for you.


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Senior System Administrator

Company: Al Watani Group
Job Details: We are looking for a Senior SystemAdministrator SAP/B1 to join our IT department. Excellent knowledge in SAP/B1System software. Willing to relocate in IRAQ.

Jobs Data as of 2019-09-06