Yeast Washer Job

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Yeast Washer Job

YEAST WASHER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends equipment that washes, pasteurizes, and cools yeast cream used in manufacture of baker’s yeast and yeast food: Opens valve to pump yeast cream into tank, and adds water to yeast cream to remove traces of wort adhering to yeast cells. 2. Pumps yeast cream and wash water to storage tank preparatory to centrifugal separation. 3. Turns valves to admit steam into jacket of pasteurizer and circulate brine through cooling coils of cooler. 4. Pumps yeast cream, that has been washed and separated from wash water, to pasteurizer and through cooling equipment to storage tank. 5. Tests cream for acidity, using pH meter, and adds necessary chemicals to attain required acidity level.


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