Wood-turning-lathe Operator Job

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Wood-turning-lathe Operator Job

WOOD-TURNING-LATHE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates wood-turning lathe to turn woodstock, and cuts designs in and shapes stock by holding chisels against rotating stock: Places stock between spur chuck and tailstock and turns handwheel to force points of centers into stock. 2. Slides tool rest to position for cutting and moves lever to secure it in place. 3. Starts machine, places gouge or caliper chisel over tool rest and against stock, and moves chisel to reduce stock to rough cylinder. 4. Lays out cutting lines on stock according to drawing, using rule and pencil. 5. Selects chisel according to type of cut specified and holds chisel against rotating stock to cut shapes according to drawing. 6. Verifies dimensions of shapes and cuts, using calipers and rule. 7. May smooth surface of piece by holding sandpaper against rotating piece. 8. May apply wax or other finishes to parts in lathe.


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