Wire-coating Operator, Metal Job

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Wire-coating Operator, Metal Job

WIRE-COATING OPERATOR, METAL JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends one or more machines, equipped with series of tanks, that coat wire with corrosion-resistant material, such as tin, zinc, or lead: Lifts and mounts coils of wire on feed reels. 2. Threads end of wire through series of guides, rollers, wipers, and tanks and secures it to rewind reel. 3. Moves levers to heat coating material to molten consistency and set specified temperature of fluxing, cooling, and cleaning baths. 4. Moves controls to start machine, set tension on wire, and adjust speed that wire feeds through tanks. 5. Observes levels of materials in tanks and replenishes material when levels drop below specified point. 6. Measures finished wire to ensure uniformity of coverage, using micrometer. 7. Adjusts machine settings to regulate thickness of coating, according to specifications. 8. Welds coils of wire together, using butt-welder, to maintain continuous wire coating operation. 9. May be designated according to type of coating material applied as Lead Coater; Wire Tinner.


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