Winder Job

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Winder Job

WINDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Winds assembled watch movements and adjusts watch hands to indicate correct time preparatory to testing: Turns crown of movement against soft plastic sheet or holds crown against revolving plastic cup to wind movement or winds movement by hand. 2. Rewinds movement after specified period and segregates movements that have gained or lost time in excess of specified amount.


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Position for Paper Manufacturing

Company: Multichoice
Job Details: Description: - 1st Machine Operator Yearly Ticket Medical Insurance for self Every 2 years ticket for the family ( 2 children) Salary AED 6,500/- to AED 7...

Generator Winder

Company: General Electric
Job Details: As a Winder you will:. The Generator Winder, will have technical knowledge and experience working with GE / Alstom / O’OEM large Generators ....

Generator Specialist Field Engineer

Company: FieldCore
Job Details: Responsible for directing craft labor and winders during repairs and Inspections. This role will be largely providing on-site technical direction to customer...

Assistant Shift Leader

Company: ERC International
Job Details: Supervises stock preparation, paper machine and winder operation, finished good wrapping, boilers, DIP and ETP. At least 1 year experience in similar role....

2nd Machine Operator

Company: ERC International
Job Details: Transfers the jumbo rolls from machine to the area between the winder and the paper machine. At least 5 years experience of work in the same field....

1st Winder Operator

Company: ERC International
Job Details: Operates the winder at optimum speed to achieve maximum production without compromising quality. Directs the 2nd Winder Operator to prepare the required cores...

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