Wildlife Control Agent Job

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Wildlife Control Agent Job

WILDLIFE CONTROL AGENT JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls animal population in geographical district and investigates crop and property damage claims caused by wildlife: Conducts on-site surveys to estimate number of birds and animals, such as deer, pheasant, and mountain fox, in designated areas and availability of game food and cover. 2. Recommends changes in hunting and trapping seasons and relocation of animals in overpopulated areas to obtain balance of wildlife and habitat. 3. Implements approved control measures, performing duties such as trapping beavers, dynamiting beaver dams, and tranquilizing and relocating deer, bear, cougar, and other animals. 4. Resurveys area and totals bag counts of hunters to determine effectiveness of control measures. 5. Recommends revised hunting and trapping regulations and other control measures and release of birds for restocking. 6. Searches area of reported property damage for animal tracks, leavings, and other evidence to identify specie of animal responsible. 7. Photographs extent of damage, documents other evidence, estimates financial loss, and recommends compensation. 8. Advises owner of methods to remedy future damages, and implements other measures, such as erecting fences, tranquilizing and relocating animal herds, and spraying flower beds and bushes with repellants. 9. Performs duties of wildlife agent during hunting season. 10. Gives talks to civic groups, school assemblies, and sports organizations to disseminate information about wildlife and department policies.


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