Welder, Production Line Job

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Welder, Production Line Job

WELDER, PRODUCTION LINE JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Welds metal parts on production line, using previously set up gas- or arc-welding equipment: Turns valves to release fuel gas and oxygen and ignites mixture, or inserts specified weld rod into portable holder, clamps cable onto workpiece or jig, and strikes arc. 2. Guides electrodes, or torch and filler rod, along horizontal weld line at specified speed and angle to melt and deposit metal from filler rod or electrode onto workpiece. 3. May skip weld designated spots to secure workpieces for other welders. 4. May use different equipment and be designated Brazer, Production Line; Welder, Production Line, Arc; Welder, Production Line, Combination; Welder, Production Line, Gas.


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