Welder Helper Job

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Welder Helper Job

WELDER HELPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs any combination of following duties to assist workers in welding, brazing, and thermal and arc cutting activities: Moves workpieces, tools, and supplies, manually or by handtruck. 2. Lifts, moves and holds, or clamps workpieces to table, into jigs, or into position as directed, manually or by using hoist, pry bars, wrenches, hammer, and wedges. 3. Cleans workpieces to remove impurities, such as slag, rust, and grease, using wire brush, portable grinder, hand scraper, or chemical solutions. 4. Connects hoses from hand torch to oxygen and fuel gas cylinders or connects cables from power source to electrode holder and workpiece or fixture. 5. Starts gasoline engine to activate electric generators. 6. Places workpieces into furnace to preheat for specified time. 7. Removes, tags or marks, and moves finished work. 8. May attach grappling equipment to objects preparatory to movement by crane. 9. May be designated according to type of activity as Thermal-Cutter Helper.


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