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Weaver Job

WEAVER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Interlaces hair strands in prescribed sequence, using weaving fixture, and sews weft to mounting cord to make hair pieces, such as switches and braids: Attaches threads of designated color and texture to rods and pegs of weaving fixture. 2. Turns pegs to tighten threads. 3. Cuts strands from tuft of matched hair, using scissors and interweaves root ends around and between threads in prescribed sequence. 4. Pulls strands straight and weaves successive strands to complete weft. 5. Cuts and knots thread ends. 6. Fastens mounting cord of specified color to hub of mounting reel and turns reel handle to wind cord. 7. Hand sews free end of cord to end of weft with matching thread. 8. Turns mounting reel to twist weft seam around cord. 9. Loops end of cord and sews remaining seam to loop, folding seam at intervals to smock hair.


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Company: Digital Arabia
Job Details: Should have strong knowledge of tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash (Action Script), Dream Weaver. Suggest and review UI designs.

SAP ABAP & IT Administrator

Company: Motivate Publishing
Job Details: 5+ years of strong experience developing ABAP and Object Oriented ABAP applications on an SAP Net Weaver platform. Report writing using ALV and ABAP lists.

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