Wave-solder Offbearer Job

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Wave-solder Offbearer Job

WAVE-SOLDER OFFBEARER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Removes printed circuit boards from discharge conveyor of automatic wave-soldering machine following completion of soldering process: Places empty carrier on workbench at discharge end of wave-soldering machine conveyor. 2. Removes pallets containing wave-soldered PCB’s from conveyor and places pallets in carrier. 3. Examines boards to detect defects, such as missing solder, spots, or warped boards. 4. Submits defective boards to supervisor for approval or correction of defects. 5. Stacks acceptable boards on carrier or in tub for final assembly. 6. May assist others in setting up and operating equipment for wave-soldering process. 7. May assist in cleaning equipment, using scraper and airhose. 8. May complete production report for supervisory use.


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