Water Regulator And Valve Repairer Job

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Water Regulator And Valve Repairer Job

WATER REGULATOR AND VALVE REPAIRER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Inspects, maintains, repairs, and replaces control devices, such as water pressure regulators, gate valves, and hydrants on water mains in water treatment and distribution systems: Inspects, disassembles, and repairs damaged or malfunctioning control devices of water distribution systems, using handtools. 2. Cleans parts of rust and scale, using scraper and emery cloth. 3. Lubricates wearing surfaces of movable parts. 4. Replaces defective parts or installs new control devices, using handtools. 5. Turns pentagonal nut, using wrench or handwheel to adjust control devices regulators to control water pressure and flow for operating conditions, such as water main leaks, shut-offs, and for trial and emergency purposes. 6. May grind valve seat to remove surface flaws to avoid leakage, using special grinding tool. 7. Prepares requisitions and reports concerning materials needed to effect repairs, cause, and extent of damage to equipment.


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