Washer, Machine Job

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Washer, Machine Job

WASHER, MACHINE JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that washes flat objects, such as plate glass, plastic sheets, or metal: Places workpiece into movable bed of machine or between pinch rolls. 2. Turns valves and observes gauges to set specified flow of water or steam from jets in machine. 3. Starts machine that moves workpiece by action of conveyor or pinch rolls into bath tank through spray of washing water, or steam under rotating brush and through spray of rinse water. 4. Examines workpiece and removes remaining foreign matter, using hand scraper, brush, or sponge. 5. May measure or weigh out and pour specified quantity of soap or detergent into wash water.


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Company: Power International Group
Job Details: Measure, cut, and thread pipe using hand and power tools or machines such as pipe cutters and pipe-threading machines. Driving licence is an added advantage.

Laundry Washer (5-star property)

Company: Cosmopolitan Hotel
Job Details: Regulate machine processes when starting washers, dryers and dry cleaners; Responsible for load articles into dry-cleaning machines or washers at regular…

Laundry Attendant

Company: Palma Beach Resort
Job Details: Load all laundry into washer and add specified cleaning agents. We need someone who has experience in the laundry area and knows to use the machine.

Laundry Reliever (5-star property)

Company: Cosmopolitan Hotel
Job Details: Load clothing into laundry and dry-cleaning machines. Responsible to clean and maintain laundry and dry-cleaning machines. Above 1.65 meter in height.

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