Wash-oil-pump Operator Job

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Wash-oil-pump Operator Job

WASH-OIL-PUMP OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates variety of pumps and auxiliary equipment, following standard procedures to extract light oil from coke-oven gas: Turns valves and starts pumps to admit gas and wash oil to still and steam to heating coil. 2. Reads gauges and thermometers and regulates pumps to control temperature, pressure, and rate of flow of materials. 3. Pumps washed gas to processing station or storage. 4. Admits steam to coil to separate light oil from wash oil. 5. Pumps light oil to benzol plant or storage and wash oil through heat exchangers and coolers for reuse in system. 6. Drains water and sludge from tanks. 7. Cleans gaugelines, gauge glasses, and decanters. 8. Records oil and water temperatures and quantity of light oil extracted.


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