Waiter/waitress, Informal Job

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Waiter/waitress, Informal Job

WAITER/WAITRESS, INFORMAL JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Serves food to patrons at counters and tables of coffeeshops, lunchrooms, and other dining establishments where food service is informal: Presents menu, answers questions, and makes suggestions regarding food and service. 2. Writes order on check or memorizes it. 3. Relays order to kitchen and serves courses from kitchen and service bars. 4. Observes guests to respond to additional requests and to determine when meal has been completed. 5. Totals bill and accepts payment or refers patron to CASHIER II. 6. May ladle soup, toss salads, portion pies and desserts, brew coffee, and perform other services as determined by establishment’s size and practices. 7. May clear and reset counters or tables at conclusion of each course.


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