Wafer-machine Operator Job

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Wafer-machine Operator Job

WAFER-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates machines to fabricate wafer-type dry cells: Loads feeding mechanism with materials, such as plastic film, paper, zinc and carbon plates, and silver wax. 2. Starts machine and equipment that cuts piece of plastic film for base of cell, positions and presses zinc plate on plastic film, cuts and places paper cover on zinc plate, drops core on plastic film, positions carbon plate on core, deposits sealing compound on carbon plate, covers plate with plastic film, tamps and seals cell and trims edges, and applies silver wax to negative and positive ends. 3. Observes finished cells conveyed past mirror to detect defects. 4. Adjusts machine and equipment for size changes or to correct malfunctions, such as faulty tinning, sealing, and trimming, using handtools. 5. Directs workers extruding black mix cores and feeding cores to machine.


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