Veneer-lathe Operator Job

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Veneer-lathe Operator Job

VENEER-LATHE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates rotary lathe to cut veneer from logs: Selects and installs knives and adjusts gears of knife-feeding mechanism according to specified thickness of veneer to be cut, using handtools. 2. Signals LATHE SPOTTER to position log between chucks of lathe and pushes lever or button to drive chucks into log. 3. Pulls lever to set lathe knife to cut veneer to specified thickness and to start log rotating. 4. Verifies thickness of veneer with ruler or caliper and adjusts speed of knife-feeding mechanism and turning speed of lathe accordingly. 5. Pushes chuck control to release log core onto conveyor. 6. May stop machine and tilt blade away from log when machine becomes clogged with slivers or bark. 7. May replace dull knives and broken or worn parts, using handtools. 8. May set up and operate back-roll lathe to cut veneer stock to specified lengths and widths for manufacture of wirebound boxes and baskets and be designated Back-Roll-Lathe Operator.


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