Upholsterer, Assembly Line Job

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Upholsterer, Assembly Line Job

UPHOLSTERER, ASSEMBLY LINE JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Upholsters one section of sofa, chair, or furniture frames, using one of following methods: Attaches spring assembly section to seat and back of frame with clips or ties springs with twine and tacks ends of twine to frame. 2. Places padding and covering over seat springs and tacks or staples covering to frame to complete seat upholstering, using tack hammer or powered staple gun. 3. Places padding and covering over inside of arms and tacks or staples covering to frame to complete inside arms. 4. Places layers of padding over inside back, shaping padding to specifications, and tacks or staples covering over padding to make inside back. 5. Tacks or staples cardboard, padding, and upholstery material to top, side, and bottom rails of outside arms, fitting and shaping materials to obtain smooth contour. 6. Tacks or staples covering material to top, bottom, and side rails of back frame, and sews upholstery covering edges to adjoining inside back and outside arm coverings with needle and thread to complete upholstery of furniture piece. 7. Tacks or staples cover to bottom rails to enclose bottom area. 8. May attach trimming material, such as gimp, braid, binding, skirts, and panels to upholstered frames, using glue, staples, nails, or tacks. 9. May screw leg units to frame. 10. May be designated according to part or pieces upholstered as Arm Maker; Back Maker; Seat Maker.


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