Turning-machine Operator Job

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Turning-machine Operator Job

TURNING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machines that turn textile bags right side out by either of following methods: Pulls bag over flattened end of pneumatic pipe. 2. Turns valve to start air suction that turns bag. 3. Drops bag between rollers that convey bag to next process. 4. Turns crank to expand or contract jaws and horizontal sticks of machine according to width of bag. 5. Starts machine and pulls open end of bag over jaws of machine that hold bag open while reciprocating sticks invert bag through open end. 6. May straighten and stack turned bags. 7. May be designated according to type of machine tended as Air-Turning-Machine Feeder; Horizontal-Stick-Turning-Machine Operator.


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