Turbine Subassembler Job

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Turbine Subassembler Job

TURBINE SUBASSEMBLER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Assembles steam and gas turbine subassemblies according to drawings, using measuring instruments, handtools, and power tools: Chips, grinds, and files welds and patches on castings and relief areas on cylinder joints to obtain specified clearances or smooth finish, using pneumatic chipping hammer and pedestal grinder. 2. Drills and taps holes in castings to seat nipples and valves, using single-spindle drill press. 3. Fills castings, high pressure cylinders, turbine exhaust ends, gland casings, relay cylinders, compressor cylinders, and compressor heads with water, using high pressure pump to simulate steam pressure in turbine. 4. Measures expansion of unit, using micrometer-scaled rod. 5. Inspects weldments, baffles, valves, valve seats, and piping for leaks. 6. Inserts heating element of electric heater into hollow studs and heats studs to facilitate tightening with wrenches. 7. Bolts or dowels fitted parts together, using wrenches and pneumatic hammer. 8. Measures clearances and spacing, using feeler gauges, calipers, and micrometers. 9. May cut expansion reliefs in cylinders and exhaust end joints, using portable power hacksaw.


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