Tungsten Refiner Job

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Tungsten Refiner Job

TUNGSTEN REFINER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls chemical-processing equipment to recover tungsten oxide from ground concentrated ore: Starts conveyor to fill reactor tank with ore. 2. Turns valves to pump specified quantity of hydrochloric acid into tank and to admit steam into tank jacket. 3. Observes temperature gauge and adjusts valves to maintain acid solution at specified temperature for specified time. 4. Fills tank with water to wash slurry, and drains waste-bearing water. 5. Turns valve to pour slurry into caustic tank. 6. Precipitates impurities, such as chlorides and oxides, by adding ammonia and sulfuric acid to solution. 7. Filters solution into holding tank to remove precipitate. 8. Adds specified amount of hydrochloric acid to tank to crystallize solution. 9. Dries tungsten oxide crystals by pumping them through filter or centrifuge.


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