Tube Rebuilder Job

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Tube Rebuilder Job

TUBE REBUILDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Rebuilds cathode ray tubes used in television receivers and display instruments according to specifications, applying knowledge of electronics: Inspects tube for physical defects, such as cracks, scratches, burns, and pits to determine if tube is repairable. 2. Tests display function, such as horizontal fade, color purity, and convergence to locate cause of malfunction, using test equipment. 3. Cuts off glass neck holding electron gun, using hot wire or gas torch. 4. Paints dag inside bulb to provide conductive surface, using brush. 5. Places bulb and replacement electron gun in lathe equipped with gas torch to weld and anneal parts together. 6. Operates ovens and pumps to seal and evacuate tube. 7. Places rebuilt tube in chamber to age tube. 8. Coats exterior surface of tube with dag, using spray gun. 9. Tests tube function and operation for conformance to specifications. 10. Buffs and polishes display screen surface to remove scratches, using power buffer and abrasive compound.


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