Tube Assembler, Electron Job

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Tube Assembler, Electron Job

TUBE ASSEMBLER, ELECTRON JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Performs any combination of following tasks to fabricate parts and assemble custom or production electron tubes: Reads work orders, receives verbal instructions, and follows drawings and sample assemblies to fabricate and assemble parts. 2. Winds wire around grid core or mandrel to form filaments, grids, and heaters, using manual or automatic winding machines. 3. Stretches and presses wound grid cores to designated shape, and cuts cores to specified size, using manual or power tools. 4. Forms parts, such as grids, stems, and leads, using special purpose automatic machines. 5. Coats designated parts with specified materials to change conductive properties of parts or provide electrostatic shield for tube elements, using spray equipment, paint brush, pressurized needle, or other coating method. 6. Positions parts, such as grids, spacers, plates, caps, shields, stems, heaters, and radiators, in specified relationship to one another. 7. Mounts parts in holding fixtures and bonds parts together, using welding and brazing techniques and equipment. 8. Fills bases or top caps of designated tubes with adhesive and attaches bases or caps to glass bulbs and metal shells. 9. Places assembled tube in equipment to remove impurities, create vacuum, and seal tube. 10. Stamps and etches identifying information on tube and tube parts, using printing or etching equipment. 11. Polishes designated parts and assemblies, using buffing wheel. 12. Tends ovens that cure adhesives, inks, and coatings. 13. Assembles parts for cathodes, using microscope. 14. Tests and inspects parts and assemblies for conformance to specifications, using test equipment, precision measuring instruments, and microscope. 15. Tends electronic ageing equipment that stabilize electrical characteristics of tubes. 16. May be designated by duties performed as Electron Gun Assembler; Stem-Lead Former; Tube-Component Assembler; Tube Fitter.


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