Truck-body Builder Job

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Truck-body Builder Job

TRUCK-BODY BUILDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Constructs and repairs metal truck bodies and trailers according to specifications, using handtools and power tools: Lays out dimensions on metal stock, such as sheet metal and angle iron, using square, rule, and punch. 2. Fits and assembles components, using handtools and portable power tools, such as drill, riveter, and welding apparatus. 3. Measures and cuts woodstock and installs wood floors, interiors, insulations, and fixtures, using handtools, such as hammer, file, and screwdriver, and power tools, such as bandsaw, sander, and hand drill. 4. Installs electrical wiring for dome lights, taillights, brake lights, and other equipment according to specified procedures. 5. May spray or brush paint, primer, or protective coating on wood and metal surfaces.


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