Trim-machine Operator Job

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Trim-machine Operator Job

TRIM-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends battery of machines that trim small arms cartridge cases, bullet jacket blanks, or artillery shell cases to specified length: Loads small arms cartridge cases or bullet jacket blanks into hopper of automatic machine or positions artillery shell cases by hand in feeding device of trim machine. 2. Turns stop nuts and setscrews, using handtools, to adjust chuck and feed punch to cut blanks to specified length. 3. Starts machine and observes operation of feeding, cutting, and ejection mechanisms to detect malfunction. 4. Extracts jammed pieces, using fingers or wire hook. 5. Examines trimmed pieces for such defects as dents, burrs, or scratches. 6. Verifies conformity to specified dimensions, using fixed gauges. 7. Sharpens cutters on bench grinder.


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