Transmission Mechanic Job

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Transmission Mechanic Job

TRANSMISSION MECHANIC JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Repairs manual and automatic transmissions in automobiles, buses, trucks, and other automotive vehicles: Raises automotive vehicle, using jacks or hoists, and removes transmission, using mechanic’s handtools. 2. Disassembles transmission unit and replaces broken or worn parts, such as bands, gears, seals, and valves. 3. Adjusts pumps, bands, and gears as required, using wrenches. 4. Installs repaired transmission and fills it with specified fluid. 5. Adjusts operating linkage and tests operation on road. 6. May adjust carburetor. 7. May verify idle speed of motor, using equipment, such as tachometer, making required adjustments. 8. May specialize in repair of automatic transmissions and be designated Automatic-Transmission Mechanic.


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