Toxicologist Job

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Toxicologist Job

TOXICOLOGIST JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Conducts research on toxic effects of cosmetic products and ingredients on laboratory animals for manufacturer of cosmetics: Applies cosmetic ingredient or cosmetic being developed to exposed shaved skin area of test animal and observes and examines skin periodically for possible development of abnormalities, inflammation, or irritation. 2. Injects ingredient into test animal, using hypodermic needle and syringe, and periodically observes animal for signs of toxicity. 3. Injects antidotes to determine which antidote best neutralizes toxic effects. 4. Tests and analyzes blood samples for presence of toxic conditions, using microscope and laboratory test equipment. 5. Dissects dead animals, using surgical instruments, and examines organs to determine effects of cosmetic ingredients being tested. 6. Prepares formal reports of test results.


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