Touch-up Screener, Printed Circuit Board Assembly Job

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Touch-up Screener, Printed Circuit Board Assembly Job

TOUCH-UP SCREENER, PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Inspects printed circuit board assemblies for defects, such as missing or damaged components, loose connections, or defective solder: Examines PCB’s under magnification lamp and compares boards to sample board to detect defects. 2. Labels defects requiring extensive repairs, such as missing or misaligned parts, damaged components, and loose connections, and routes boards to repairer. 3. Performs minor repairs, such as cleaning boards with freon to remove solder flux; trimming long leads, using wire cutter; removing excess solder from solder points, using suction bulb or solder wick and soldering iron; or resoldering connections on PCB’s where solder is insufficient. 4. Maintains record of defects and repairs to indicate recurring production problems. 5. May reposition and solder misaligned components. 6. May measure clearances between board and connectors, using gauges.


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