Top-precipitator Operator Job

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Top-precipitator Operator Job

TOP-PRECIPITATOR OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends battery of tanks that precipitate aluminum hydroxide from rich liquor: Schedules filling, seeding, and emptying of precipitator tanks. 2. Opens feedline valves to fill tanks to designated levels with liquor and alumina seed slurry. 3. Adjusts valves to regulate rate of filling precipitators and to maintain specified level in green-liquor tanks. 4. Opens feedline valves to admit measured quantities of aluminum hydrate seed particles into precipitators. 5. Turns valves to agitate mixture with compressed air. 6. Turns valves to control flow of liquor to tanks of secondary thickness. 7. Weighs sample of mixture in flask on platform scale. 8. Reads charts and graphs to determine amount of slurry or liquor required to obtain specified consistency. 9. Signals BOTTOM-PRECIPITATOR OPERATOR to pump mixture from tanks. 10. Records sequence of operations on forms. 11. May lubricate valves and adjust packing glands to prevent leaks.


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