Top Polisher Job

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Top Polisher Job

TOP POLISHER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates one or more automatic stone polishing machines to polish monument tops: Studies diagram of monument to determine diamond polishing wheel required and attaches wheel to machine, using handtools. 2. Measures length and width of monument top and sets dials to control width and length of travel of polishing head. 3. Moves stone under head of machine and levels stone, using spirit level, wooden blocks and wedges. 4. Positions polishing wheel on top of monument, turns valve to start flow of water, and pulls switch to start polishing wheel. 5. Observes ammeter to determine load on motor and turns dial to adjust current according to reading. 6. Observes operation of machine and adjusts dials and switches to regulate speed of machine and length and width of travel of polishing wheel. 7. Feels stone to determine progress of polishing and rolls stone from under wheel when polishing is completed. 8. Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR to pick up stone. 9. Lubricates machine, using grease gun. 10. Inspects inventory of diamond polishing wheels and notifies supervisor when wheels need replacing. 11. May grind sharp edges from monuments, using portable grinding machine.


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