Tooth Polisher Job

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Tooth Polisher Job

TOOTH POLISHER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates bench-polishing machine to remove scratches and burrs and to impart polished finish to watch pinion teeth: Positions pinion in machine holder, using tweezers. 2. Depresses pedal to engage lapping wheel and holds abrasive and polishing compound against rotating wheel to dress wheel. 3. Presses machine lever to lower and hold lapping wheel against pinion to remove defects and polish pinion teeth. 4. Releases pedal to stop machine after prescribed period and raises lever to gain access to polished pinion. 5. Depresses pedal of hot air device to melt polishing compound adhered to pinion and to blow pinion into container. 6. Mounts pinion in holding calipers and cleans pinion, using electric brush and cleaning compound. 7. Examines and measures cleaned pinions to verify specified finish and dimensional specifications, using loupe and precision gauges.


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