Tooth Cutter Job

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Tooth Cutter Job

TOOTH CUTTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends battery of semiautomatic milling machines to cut teeth in clock and watch parts, such as barrels, pinions, wheels, and clutches: Slides stack of wheel or pinion blanks on fluted arbor, clamps on holding collar, inserts arbor into machine chuck, and clamps in place, using pedal, or opens work holder and inserts barrel or pinion blanks into holder, using tweezers. 2. Pushes lever to start machine which automatically indexes and cuts teeth around periphery of blanks. 3. Loads remaining machines. 4. Removes arbor or individually machined parts from milling machine which automatically stops at end of cycle. 5. Verifies shapes of tooth and quality of cut, using jeweler’s loupe, thickness of tooth, using jaw gauge, outside diameter of part, using go-not-go gauge, and length of part, using upright gauge. 6. May adjust machine when machined product does not conform to standards. 7. May clamp arbor in machine chuck manually. 8. May be designated according to type of machine used as Tooth Cutter, Hobbing Machine; or according to type of tooth cut as Tooth Cutter, Clutch; Tooth Cutter, Pinion; Tooth Cutter, Spur.


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