Tool Designer Job

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Tool Designer Job

TOOL DESIGNER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Designs single- or multiple-edged machine cutting tools, such as broaches, milling-machine cutters, and drills, and related jigs, dies, and fixtures: Studies specifications, engineering blueprints, tool orders, and shop data and confers with engineering and shop personnel to resolve design problems related to material characteristics, dimensional tolerances, service requirements, manufacturing procedures, and cost. 2. Applies algebraic and geometric formulas and standard tool engineering data to develop tool configuration. 3. Selects standard items, such as bushings and tool bits, to incorporate into tool design. 4. Draws preliminary sketches and prepares layout and detail drawings, using standard drafting tools and equipment or computer-assisted design/drafting equipment and software. 5. Modifies tool designs according to trial or production service data to improve tool life or performance.


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