Tire Repairer Job

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Tire Repairer Job

TIRE REPAIRER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Repairs damaged tires of automobiles, buses, trucks, and other automotive vehicles: Raises vehicle, using hydraulic jack, and unbolts wheel, using lug wrench. 2. Removes wheel from vehicle by hand or, when repairing giant tires of heavy equipment, by use of power hoist. 3. Locates puncture in tubeless tire by visual inspection or by immersing inflated tire in water bath and observing air bubbles emerging from puncture. 4. Seals puncture in tubeless tire by inserting adhesive material and expanding rubber plug into puncture, using handtools. 5. Separates tubed tire from wheel, using rubber mallet and metal bar or mechanical tire changer. 6. Removes inner tube from tire and inspects tire casing for defects, such as holes and tears. 7. Glues boot over rupture in tire casing, using rubber cement. 8. Inflates inner tube and immerses it in water to locate leak. 9. Buffs defective area of inner tube, using scraper, and patches tube with adhesive rubber patch or seals rubber patch to tube, using hot vulcanizing plate. 10. Reassembles tire onto wheel, and places wheel on balancing machine to determine counterweights required to balance wheel. 11. Hammers required counterweights onto rim of wheel. 12. Cleans sides of white wall tires and remounts wheel onto vehicle. 13. Responds to emergency calls to make repairs or replacements of damaged tires at customer’s home or on road. 14. May be designated according to specialty as Giant-Tire Repairer; Tire Changer; Tire Changer, Aircraft; Tire Changer, Road Service. 15. May rotate tires to different positions on vehicle, using tire changing machine, handtools, and tire balancing machine.


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