Tinning-machine Set-up Operator Job

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Tinning-machine Set-up Operator Job

TINNING-MACHINE SET-UP OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates automatic machine to fold and clamp metal edging to ends of calender pictures and staples calender to picture: Moves lever to shift gears that adjust speed of feed mechanism. 2. Adjusts metal-forming heads, using hex-head wrench. 3. Turns handcrank to adjust mechanism that inserts hanger loop as metal strip is clamped to top of sheet. 4. Turns handcrank to set cutter that cuts metal strips between sheets after bottom of sheet has been tinned. 5. Manually sets microswitch that activates spray to apply strip of glue that holds calender for stitching. 6. Sets head and side guides of stitcher that staples calender to sheet. 7. Places rolls of metal stripping onto machine, places reel of wire onto stitching device, and pours glue into reservoir. 8. Places stacks of pictures and calenders onto feed tables. 9. Presses button to start machine. 10. Monitors operation of machine, clears jams, and replenishes supplies.


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