Ticketer Job

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Ticketer Job

TICKETER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that prints information, such as price, size, style, or color, on identification tags or labeling material: Selects type, according to specifications, and inserts type into machine, using tweezers, or turns dial on machine to move type into printing position. 2. Mounts roll of tags or labeling material on machine brackets and threads end of roll through feeding device. 3. Applies liquid or paste ink to printing rollers or printing pad on machine, using applicator. 4. Flips switch or depresses pedal to start machine that automatically prints information on tags or material. 5. Observes printed tags or material during start-up for defects, such as crooked lines, blurred print, or off-centered printing, and turns knobs or repositions printing plate, using handtools, to adjust machine. 6. Removes printed material from delivery end of machine. 7. May turn crank to print information on tags or material. 8. May cut individual labels or tags from rolls of material, using scissors. 9. May tend machine equipped with automatic cutter and counting control that stops machine when specified number of tickets have been printed. 10. May tend machine that threads string through holes in tags or labels. 11. May tend machine that automatically prints identifying information on ticket and pins ticket to articles and be designated Pin-Ticket-Machine Operator.


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