Threading-machine Setter Job

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Threading-machine Setter Job

THREADING-MACHINE SETTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up single- or multiple-spindle threading machines to thread and cut, ream, or chamfer cylindrical stock according to order specifications, threading charts, and knowledge of threading procedures: Compiles dimensions of stock, sequence of machining operations, and type and size of thread from charts and specifications. 2. Installs specified feed grips, rotating dies, die cutters, cutting and reaming or chamfering tool, using micrometers, gauges, and handtools. 3. Installs cams, gears, pulleys, pressure tripping mechanism, and adjusts speed control knobs to synchronize transfer and ejection of stock with machine action. 4. Operates machine to evaluate its performance. 5. Verifies dimensions of workpieces with specifications, using fixed gauges and scale. 6. Sharpens die cutters on grinding wheel. 7. May set up manually operated threading machine.


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